BEMER stands for Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Regulator. BEMER is a medical device that improves blood circulation. Our blood is our life source. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to where it needs to go in our body to give us energy, heal us and help us function optimally. When the blood circulation is increased by BEMER, many things in the body can operate at an ideal level. Your blood is your body’s natural force working for you 24/7.

When you use BEMER a microtesla frequency is sent into your body. There are different intensities from 1 – 10. Level 1 has 3.5 microtesla’s, level 2 has 7 and you add 3.5 for each intensity level up to 35 microtesla’s at level 10. You start off low because most adults have a compromised circulatory system from age, disease, injury or surgery. BEMER’s microtesla frequency vibrates in your microcirculatory system. It helps to open up your microvessels and your capillaries. There is no device that compares to BEMER on the market! BEMER has several international patents and has over a million users worldwide! When your circulation is improved, more blood can flow into your microcirculatory system (74% of the circulatory system) where it previously could not reach. Our blood, our life source, delivers oxygen and nutrients from our food and our supplements to where our body needs it the most to ease tension and repair our tissue.


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