Ultimate Facial

Taking microdermabrasion to a new level; Combining facial vacuum massage, microdermabrasion, and photo light therapy to present unmatched results. $125
For optimum results we recommend a series of six $650

Luminous “C” & “Sea” Facial

Hydrating, Firming and Brightening. High potency of Vitamin C with a stimulating freeze-dried seaweed rendering skin rejuvenated and velvety-soft. $80

Plantomer Facial

Calming & Soothing A healing Propolis ampoule is applied to desensitize the skin’s surface and strengthens capillaries. $80

Signature Facial

Customized to your skin type. (His or Hers) $79

Deep cleansing

Exfoliation, extractions, followed by a calming, healing mask. Skin is rendered visibly purified. $95


Soothes the skin, eases blotchiness, and reduces redness. $90


Anti-Aging: Lavishes your skin with pure caviar extract, improving wrinkles, elasticity and texture. $100


Caviar extract replenish skin and counteract the aging process. $90


You can now achieve the look of polished perfection by dermafiling. Dermafiling is a gentle, quick procedure whereby a special file is used to lightly polish the skin by hand, removing the top layer of dead skin cells, and leaving one’s appearance smooth, fresh, and rejuvenated. Dermafiling can successfully treat sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles and other conditions on any part of the skin with no downtime. $95


Removes the outermost layers of dead skin cells leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple, and vibrant! Dermaplaning is another non-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation, dead skin cells and hair are shaved off, leaving clients with smoother, brighter complexions. $95

Customized Facials

Each meridian facial is designed to naturally detoxify the skin and focus on clearing pathways of energy flow.  Cleared pathways release blocked energy, which supports and improves circulation and tone, restoring natural radiance.