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My Story

Lenna is a dedicated individual who holds certifications as a Thermography Technician, Lymphatic Enhancement Specialist, and Skin Care Specialist. She is also a knowledgeable Thermography and Breast Health Educator/Speaker, as well as an Environmental Toxin Educator/Speaker. Lenna strongly advocates for individuals to take charge of their health by becoming more informed about nutrition. Her personal journey towards conscious eating and living began in 2004 when she first tried Colon hydro-therapy. This experience had a profound positive impact on Lenna's health and inspired her to continue pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

My Mission

Our main goal at Attainable Health Solutions is to offer education, products, and services that will help our clients reach optimal levels of health and vitality. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing and therapeutic environment where our clients can relax, rejuvenate, and renew. Our commitment to educating clients and empowering them to make lasting lifestyle changes will help them achieve their wellness goals.

My Vision

 is to enlighten women with complete breast health awareness so that they can make educated decisions regarding their health and wellness. 

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