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Lymphstar Pro

The Lymphstar Pro is a device that helps with therapeutic lymphatic drainage. It uses low-energy vibration through acoustic and electrostatic fields. The therapy wands have noble gases that are stimulated by a low current field. When applied to the skin, the vessels dilate, and the acoustic waves create a pulsing effect. When used in multiple treatment points, this creates an electro pressure field. Along with manual lymph node stimulation, this electrical stimulation can help with lymph drainage up to 8 times faster than manual lymph drainage alone.

$130 for a single session

6 sessions for $660, a saving of $120

12 sessions for $1140, a fabulous savings of $420

The lymphatic system is responsible for transporting and cleansing every cell and organ in the body, serving as a pathway for removing toxins. It also plays a crucial role in immune function, allowing white blood cells to travel through the lymph. By using Lymphstar, congestion can be relieved, resulting in improved nutrient supply to cells, toxin removal, and increased immune function. Lymphstar therapy is effective for various conditions such as breast health, pain syndromes, edema, immune issues, postoperative and injury healing, skin rejuvenation, hormone balancing, and stress reduction. This therapy helps to improve circulation, promote drainage of excess fluid, and enhance collagen formation.

What can I expect after a

Lymph Therapy Session?

  • The body may feel clean, light, and pure.

  • The mind may feel be clear, shape, and expanded.

  • Joints may spontaneously "adjust" themselves as the reduction in fluid allows for better alignment.

  • As you detoxify, you may briefly feel sluggishness, nausea, muscle aches, and fatigue. These symptoms do not last and are a sign of healing.

  • Temporary increase in urination & bowel movements.

  • Deeper and more restful sleep.

  • Thirst.

  • Sinus and ear drainage.

  • Reduction in swelling and headaches.

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